Fully Nuking Hot Sauce

Fully Nuking Hot Sauce

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We are absolutely stoked & honored to present our collab with local hot sauce legends, Hank Sauce. Here is the first ever taste of Fully Nuking Hot Sauce!!

Ingredients - vinegar, golden pineapple, water, devil's tongue pepper, garlic,scorpion peppers, ginger, carolina reaper pepper, xanthan gum, salt.

This dreamy blend packs a heavy pineapple and ginger vibe, followed by an El Slammo™ worthy punch of HEAT from South Jersey’s finest NUKING PEPPERS! Slather it on fish, pork, chicken, tacos, burritos, poke bowls, rice platters, and just about anything else you can dream up; It’s that good! That’s a heavy claim: but we stand behind it!

*hot sauce will ship Dec 20th
*All Sales Final.